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4 Tips for Better Search Placement in the Mobile Age

Google is changing the way businesses handle themselves online. With their mobile-friendly search process, sites are ranked based on the devices being used to perform searches. For instance, if a person performs a search on a tablet, phone, or another mobile device, Google prioritizes sites that are mobile-optimized. If a business’ site is designed for desktops and laptops, it may never make it to the all-important first page of search engine results. Below are several tips to regain or improve search placement in the mobile age.
Focus on Responsiveness Responsive web design is a process that allows sites to display optimally on screens of all sizes. With more than 50% of all searches originating from mobile devices, the failure to use responsive design principles can be costly. However, responsive design involves more than changing screen shape and size; it optimizes content for convenient viewing through simplification.
Streamline the Landing Page
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