4 Tips for Better Search Placement in the Mobile Age

Google is changing the way businesses handle themselves online. With their mobile-friendly search process, sites are ranked based on the devices being used to perform searches. For instance, if a person performs a search on a tablet, phone, or another mobile device, Google prioritizes sites that are mobile-optimized. If a business’ site is designed for desktops and laptops, it may never make it to the all-important first page of search engine results. Below are several tips to regain or improve search placement in the mobile age.

Focus on Responsiveness

Responsive web design is a process that allows sites to display optimally on screens of all sizes. With more than 50% of all searches originating from mobile devices, the failure to use responsive design principles can be costly. However, responsive design involves more than changing screen shape and size; it optimizes content for convenient viewing through simplification.

Streamline the Landing Page

Trying to shoehorn everything from a desktop site into a small screen is annoying and confusing to mobile searchers. Tiny buttons, small pictures, and minuscule type can all drive users away. Make a strong statement and give buyers a simple, obvious way to get to the things that interest them most. This is quite easy on scrollable, small screens that can be navigated with a simple swipe.

Clarify the Message

A single background video or image with impactful type conveys a more compelling message than an entire essay on why the company is the best choice. Save the testimonials and glowing recommendations for the “About Us” page, but keep that one simple as well. If the company has an interesting backstory, scroll down or link out to it rather than including it on the home page.

Shorten the Load Time

When ranking sites, Google and the other major search engines consider not only a site’s mobile friendliness, but its load time. JavaScript content, rotating banners, and PDF files make sites load slower, and designers should eliminate them if possible. Mobile users are an impatient lot, and if a site doesn’t load quickly enough, they’ll simply go elsewhere.

Call Today to Design a Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Site

Responsive web design is the future, but it’s happening now. Rather than trying to keep up with all the changes themselves, business owners should hire web developers who do it for a living. Call today to find out how the team can help any business owner design a more responsive and mobile-friendly website.


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